Aluminum cast back that is powder coated in grey or beige. Powder coat is a baked-on color finish.

Cast seat frame to hold back; has a separate toe and frame which raises and lowers with the back movement. This gives you more room in tight places and makes handicap patient entrance/exit easier.

Cushions are contoured to hug the patient’s body and hold them in place with comfort. No arms to provide easier access in and out, and less upholstery to replace. Back cushion has wings to replace arm rests. The seat cushion is a two-piece design to allow for folding of toe board that compensates with the back as it raises or lowers. Less seams for ease of cleaning.

Comes with standard headrest which extends out 7" and has steel back plate for additional strength.

OPTIONAL Articulating Headrest has double movement for any position you desire. Will extend out 7" from back.

OPTIONAL Ponytail Headrest

115 Volt electric motor capable of lifting 600 lbs. to lower and raise chair back.

Heavy-duty power lift base has aluminum cast frame with steel plate, 7" of lift and foot control adjustment with auto-return.

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