Celux Lighting Unit

  • Sharply defined rectangular pattern is evenly distributed at the oral cavity without causing discomfort to the patient's eyes.
  • 3800 to 4500 Kelvin temperature is ideal for shade matching and examination.
  • Easy to reach ON/OFF/INTENSITY switch for both doctor and assistant.
  • Optimum size reflector with dichroic coating filters out infrared rays resulting in a cool and clear working condition.
  • 12V-55W tungsten halogen H-3 bulb with twin filaments.
  • Easy bulb replacement.
  • Easy-open safety shield allows aseptic cleaning.
  • Two-way switch for low (12000 LUX) and high (24000 LUX) intensity.

    see this unit mounted to chair
MD 300 Series Features
  • Superior grade dichroic-coated lens with feathered edges to minimize eye fatigue for the practitioner.
  • The light beam is concentrated in the oral cavity, away from the patient's eyes.
  • Color-corrected temperature approximates the color of natural daylight.
  • Third axis of rotation provides for smooth positioning of the light head for enhanced view of the oral cavity.
  • The head's round and contoured edges is constructed with a single piece of pure die-cast aluminum.
  • The plastic shield can be quickly removed for easy cleaning. Open handles readily accept barrier protection.
  • Powder-coated to ensure the highest level of corrosion resistance and asepsis control.
  • No tools are required for bulb replacement.


TL 109 LED Task Light
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Housing
  • Gooseneck with Rubber Coating
  • Anti-microbial Powder Coating
  • Four LED Bulbs
  • 70,000 Hour Bulb Life
  • 1900 Candlepower @ 18"
  • Infinite Dimming Capability
  • Rectangular Light Pattern
  • "Natural" White Light Illumination
  • Detachable Power Adapter
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Pole or Unit Top Mounting


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