Two Handpiece System.

One High-Speed with Water Control and One Slow-Speed Handpiece Hose.

Comes with a Three-Way Syringe and Foot Controller for Handpieces.

Optional PM220 automatic handpiece system is also available.

Shown with optional HVE and Saliva Ejector; mounted to Satellite Unit.

When ordering, please specify straight or coil handpiece hoses.

Single handpiece control with coolant.

Flow control with an on/off switch.

Pressure adjustment with easy to read pressure gauge.

Variable speed foot controller.

Three-way syringe with tubing and supply lines shown with optional HVE suction tip & hose.

When ordering, please specify straight or coiled hose for handpiece.
Only air supply needed to force water through the lines. Can be mounted to 2 inch post or unit.

Has and on/off switch to release pressure for bottle refill.

Bottle is a one liter capacity heavy wall.
Air pressure regulator, filte with gauge for constant pressure to airlines with 1/4" poly fittings.

Adjust from 0lbs. to to 100lbs pressure.

Optional hanger shown. Actual unit may vary slightly from illustration.

Plumbing cover with lid only

size: 14" x 9" x 5 3/8"

Two 3/4" and two 2 1/2" holes for accomidating umbilical and foot control tubing.

Supplied with hole plugs.

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